An Intro

So what's this all about?

I was given a suggestion, and elected to work with it.  Start a blog, so here it is...

Some people have often referred to me as a "Photographer" but I rarely have.  There were some times when I had actively aspired to be one, but in hindsight, I am glad that I never became one.  

They often say "Doing something you love as your career means you never work," and I agree that is true.  However, it often comes at the price of not being able to do it in the way that you want to do so, at least if you truly plan on being able to make a living while doing it.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since 1989, and it has certainly been the one comforting constant, despite being a field that has changed immensely within that time.

As of the past few months, I've managed to rediscover the hobby in new ways, and I'm having more fun with it than I've had in quite some time.  This blog will serve to document this interesting new journey for me, not as a photographer, but instead, as "a quirky guy with a camera."