Three Months of Blogging - Tying it all Together

It all started innocently enough on May 30th, with a text message from a friend chatting about my ever present interest in photography.  

"Do you have a blog yet?"

I had in fact created one just months earlier, but it was of a very narrow focus and ran the real risk of depleting the breadth of its subject matter.  Meanwhile, my photographic exploits went well beyond just that of this blog, and were beginning to broaden even further.  

"You should totally create one."

I had just been turned on to the world of mirrorless cameras months earlier, and had discovered the adaptability of vintage manual focus lenses.  I was beginning to amass a small assemblage of these lenses, learning a little more each day, and having more fun with the hobby each day.  I detailed this to my friend.

"You sound like a pro now."

My reply was that I was hardly a pro, but rather just "a quirky guy with a camera."

And it was with that response that her idea to me began to gel.  

The blogger account officially was established on June 3, 2014, but it sat idle for weeks as I tried to scrape together some ideas for a true focus and content.  I figured I'd plunk down an occasional equipment review of the digital cameras or vintage lenses, maybe comparing similar length lenses from time to time, and that would be that.

At the time I established the blog, I never even remotely considered that I'd be collecting old slides as the blog started, yet my very first article was on my enthusiasm for old Kodachrome.  I really hadn't planned on shooting film to any planned degree again, but I've already featured as many articles on shooting film as I have of actual reviews of vintage lenses.  The blog is neatly fitting into a sustainable "3 post a week schedule" and I'm gradually even pulling ahead, as numerous future weeks of Kodachrome posts are all but done with many more mapped out, while there are a number of articles already partially underway as well.   These are gradually starting to achieve a more seasonal nature to them.

I'm already seeing the overall theme of the blog moving in a joined direction, not universally, but generally speaking.  In short, the photos I'm featuring from the past have often been my inspiration to do more with my photos of today, and I've already taken a number of photos that borrow on this inspiration and pay homage to it. This will only increase in the coming months.

There will be future articles that specifically spotlight this, some of which will contain both scans of images past with posts of images present, including one challenge that I am particularly enthused about.  I definitely hope you will stop by from time to time and enjoy the journey with me.

But after all, this is a blog focused primarily upon the photographic image, of which I've yet to supply any in this article, so with that, a visual sneak peek preview of just some of what is yet to come from this "quirky guy with a camera."