Wednesday Window to the World #5

This Week:

What: Abandoned Gas Pump

Why: Friday, I set out for a little ramble around Carroll County, stopping through some small towns that I have never once set foot in, in hopes of finding some interesting photographic material.  On arriving in New Windsor, MD, I spotted this fascinating relic, and attempted a "pseudo-chrome" similar to that in Week 3.  

When: August 15, 2014.

Where: New Windsor, MD   

Who: No One.   

How: Olympus Pen E-PM2 with Olympus PEN-FT 38mm f/1.8 lens. f/4 aperture at 1/1000 shutter speed at ISO 200.

Raw image was imported into Photoshop and sliders were manipulated to boost the red saturation and slightly tweak the hues and luminance.  Green tones were saturated downward.  Noise and blur filters were added.  

Looking back, I was very careless in composing this photo.  The all-too-neat siding and modern windows on the building in the background destroy the intention of creating a photo that looks like it came from 50-60 years ago.  I'll be more careful next time.