Wednesday Window to the World #3

Here's a good way to keep the rust off! 

Since I'm spotlighting collected historical color photos each Monday, it seemed only fitting to complement this feature with a present day color photo of my own each Thursday.  Just as with the collected photos, I'll detail the Who/What/When/Where/Why and technical How from each image:

This Week:

What: Volkswagen Beetle.

Why: As I've been taking photos in the present day while collecting photos from decades ago, I've been aching to try to take more current day photos that look like they were taken decades ago, through carefully composing photos that consist of historical elements and then putting a vintage film look upon the resulting image.  The distressing challenge has been that I'm finding it incredibly tough to find historical modern day scenes that don't ruin the vintage look by having prominent telltale modern day elements.

Sunday, I was fortunate enough to happen upon this little scene with a VW Bug complete with a period license plate, and it definitely screamed "photo op" to me. Luckily I had my PEN nearby with just the lens I wanted already mounted and ready to go.  I popped off a couple of images with the intent of doing a little bit of further image manipulation in Photoshop.  

When: August 3, 2014.

Where: Upland Road near Roland Ave,. Baltimore MD.   

Who: Nobody to be found.   

How: Olympus Pen E-PM2 with Olympus PEN-FT 38mm lens. f/2 aperture at 1/640 shutter speed at ISO 200.

Raw image was imported into Photoshop and grain was added, Red saturation was turned up, red and green luminance turned down, and some noise and vignetting added to the image to try to enhance a look making the photo look like it was a scan from a 1971 slide. 

Below is the original image as recorded in the digital camera:

Addendum: Even a simple image like this has a couple of spoilers to the trained eye.  The yellow plastic protective cover to the tension wire on the utility pole as well as the pole numbering style are both modern day touches.  Similarly, the black mirrors on the Beetle look like modern aftermarket products.  Yeah, I know I'm a bit anal about this - :-).  I could have cloned some of the details out, but I'm not big on altering photos to that degree.