Classic Kodachrome Monday #8

Every Monday, I'll be spotlighting a different classic Kodachrome slide that I've picked up, and trying where I can to detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how (much) of the image:

This Week:

What: Little Lake Tourist Court Motel

Why: This image highlights a marked contrast between the world of 60 years ago and the world of  today.  In this era, the small motor court motel shown was viewed as an inviting place for the road weary travellers of the day.  In the time since, age and economics have caught up to these small roadside motels, and their image in the public eye certainly hasn't been helped by movies like Psycho and Identity.  Today, most discerning road travellers will lodge up at one of many chain hotel offerings now prevalent.      

When: October 10, 1951

Where: Quakertown, PA. The search for this location was actually pretty fun, given that Quakertown is only but so expansive. A Google search for more on the Tourist Court reveals a postcard available that identifies it as being along Pennsylvania Route 309.  A search along this highway reveals a few ponds along its length, but no extant motel facing any of them.  Finally, a search on Historic Aerials reveals that the pond across from a present day shopping center near Beavers Run was nearly twice as big during the 1950's and 1960's, and did indeed have a long building identical in shape the Tourist Court in the photo.  Looks at a succession of aerial photos seem to indicate the Tourist Court meeting its demise in the 1970's, and being reclaimed by nature in the decades since.  

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Who: I can't spot a soul evident in this image.  

How (much): $5.50 on an ebay auction listing.  Since I was able to verify the location ahead of time, it was definitely one that I thought would be a great addition to the collection.