Classic Kodachrome Monday #60

Every Monday, I'll be spotlighting a different classic Kodachrome slide that I've picked up, and trying where I can to detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how (much) of the image:

This Week:

What: Afternoon Shadows

Why: There is something about historic settings in the Fall that always seem wistful and nostalgic.  For some reason, scenes that are obviously in the New England area are especially so. The combination of this scene with the warm glow of the afternoon "Golden Hour" light made this image particularly compelling to me, with just enough period elements to add the perfect amount of then-contemporary and historic elements to create an image that is very moving in its stillness.     

When: October of 1957 or thereabouts, based upon the slide mount..  

Where: Newport, RI. Pleasingly enough, the scene here is largely similar from its appearance nearly 60 years ago.  The house in the foreground has seen some changes.  Gone are the shutters, though an addition has made its way into the picture in the foreground.  The ca. 1750 Hunter House, with its unique roof in the backdrop, still remains largely unchanged, and can be explored when visiting the Newport area.  

Who: Nothing but still and calm, not a soul.        

How (much): Just $4.50, opening bid.  The seller had a number of shots of the area for bid, but this one in particular was the most appealing to me.