Wednesday Window to the World #17

This Week:

What: Neon Sign framed by Gingko Leaves

Why: I accompanied my brother on a journey out towards Western Maryland to secure some current day photos for his website, and as fortunate enough to spot this as we made a brief stop in Cumberland.  I took traditionally framed shots, but then saw this possible composition, and could not pass it up.

When: November 8, 2014.

Where: Cumberland, MD 

Who: It was a sleepy Saturday morning in Downtown Columbia.  

How: Took out the Olympus E-PL2, and got a few more shots with the kit zoom since I've done mostly landscapes lately, though in this case I zoomed it all the way out to 42mm and shot this at 1/400 or a second with an f/8 aperture at ISO 400.

Raw image was imported into Photoshop and given modest bumps in contrast and vibrance as well as a number of tweaks to contrast settings, before giving some bumps to saturation and luminance in the color of yellows and greens to get this result.