Classic Kodachrome Monday #19½

This Week has an extra Kodachrome Feature, to commemorate the Men and Women who have served our country.  Initially, I was going to comprise a feature article based on a lot I won that was purported to be the slide collection of a former Military Man, expecting it would tell a compelling tale, but it was not to be.  Regardless, I've compiled a small collection of various slides of a Military theme that I am very pleased to share with you here!

Our first few images take us to the Korean War in 1951, as a trio of Privates enjoy a little levity for the camera.

This one comes from the same batch, and shows Battery Commander Lieutenant Zolwen at his post in Korea.  

On a warmer day, another trio of G.I.'s strike a pose at their camp in between stints of duty.  

I had hoped this May, 1967 shot from the Vietnam War was of the Navy, but the lettering on the truck at right seems to indicate this is from an Army mission, as soldiers pass some time prior to the trucks making landfall.  The mount indicates "USNS-T-CST-626" - perhaps the Naval ship? 

What appears to be an member of the Air Force in the early 1950's.  The slide mount indicates it was made in Britain, so this may have been a post World War II European mission.

I managed to get a number of slides taken at the Bremerhaven Army Base in Germany in the 1950's.  This one shows appears to be taken early in the day as the motor pool is readied.  

Another shot from Bremerhaven shows trucks and mobile artillery cannons.  

Cannons await the call to service if needed at Bremerhaven in Germany.  The Second World War was over, but the Cold War had gone into full swing.  

A rugged Half Track awaits its next call to duty at Bremerhaven.  This base has since closed with much of it being converted into shipping facilities.  Some of the original structures remain.  

G.I.'s help lift one of the wounded into a helicopter during the Vietnam War in this Ektachrome slide.

This and the shot below were saved from 120 glass slides that had seen much better days, to where the scans had almost no color fidelity at all.  After some coercion and LOTS of blemish tempering, this shot of "Lee" in a Fairchild R4Q is one of my favorites of this set.  This was taken at the Cherry Point Marine Base in North Carolina in 1952.

Above is a shot of military housing in Hancock Village, adjoining Cherry Point, in 1952.  These homes were rather recently demolished with the area now essentially abandoned.  

Then as now, Military Service personnel often need to count upon the Veterans Administration. This 1951 photo shows the VA Building in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

A special Thank You to all who have served.