Wednesday Window to the World #1

Here's a good way to keep the rust off! 

Since I'm spotlighting collected historical color photos each Monday, it seemed only fitting to complement this feature with a present day color photo of my own each Thursday.  Just as with the collected photos, I'll detail the Who/What/When/Where/Why and technical How from each image:

This Week:

What: Sulphur Butterfly.

Why: Last week on my Phriday Photo Ramble, I used my Russian-made Helios 44-2 for a number of shots.  I really liked the look of these photos and decided I wanted to take the opportunity to use this lens more.  Heading home, the sun briefly broke through the clouds as I was passing the Robinson Nature Center, so I took the chance to get a little more use out of this excellent lens.  I was hoping for more of the painterly "bokeh" effect in out of focus areas that this lens is known for, but I know I will have fun again soon trying to do just that.

Another image taken the same afternoon shows some semblance of the painterly effects possible with the Helios 44-2 on the leaves in the background above the butterfly.  The trick will be a composition in which I can maximize this effect to more fuller advantage.  

When: July 21, 2014.

Where: Robinson Nature Center on Cedar Lane in Columbia, MD.  The landscaping here has a lot of wildflowers out right now, attracting a nice range of butterflies.   

Who: I think I will name him George.   

How: Olympus Pen E-PM2 with Helios 44-2 58mm lens. wide open at f/2 aperture, 1/2000 shutter speed, ISO 200.  Shot in Art Line mode to assist in focusing, and minor post processing in Adobe Photoshop.