Phriday Photo Ramble

This is titled "A quirky guy and his camera," right?

As I sputter to get going, it has at times felt more like "A quirky guy and his scanner." 

As it was going, I was finding less and less time to actually TAKE photos, and so photo taking related posts were few and far between.  Today, I was very glad to be able to have an enjoyable ramble that allowed me to focus upon taking some photos instead of scanning photos taken by others decades earlier.    Below are results of this "ramble."

I started off with a brief stopover in the Folly Quarter area to take a starter shot to be featured in a future post, then off to Ellicott City I went.  In my arsenal was my Olympus E-PM2 as well as the following lenses:

  • 14-42 Digital AF Zoom Kit Lens.
  • Konica 28mm f/3.5 Manual Focus.
  • Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 Manual Focus.
  • Konica 200mm f/3.5 Manual Focus.
  • Extension Tubes for Macrophotography.
Arriving at Ellicott City slightly before the start of the business day, I rambled about and took a few photos, but I was noticing a lot of "rustiness."  Unlike a bicycle, one just doesn't pick up a camera and start riding.  I hadn't really taken any "warm up" shots, and was not quite in that photographic mood.  Still, I managed to get a few decent photos.  All were taken with the Konica 28mm f/3.5

Main Street, Ellicott City

Tiber Alley

Two or the more authentic vintage storefronts remaining in Ellicott City.

Looking at the results of a "Rock building" activity of last weekend, I got a chuckle, before admitting to myself that I'd totally join something weird like this. 

Pillars that once supported a bridge that brought the 9 line trolley into Ellicott City from Baltimore.

 Fitting image, as being in Ellicott City always makes me want a vintage old coke in a glass bottle, that I once was able to buy from this store that is no longer there.

Leaving Ellicott City, I decided I'd take a roundabout path out to Lisbon, MD and back, taking Maryland Route 99 outbound.  Enroute, it dawned upon me that I'd be passing the Howard County Conservancy, so I elected to make a stop to see what nature shots I might be able to get prior to getting to my destination.  

Birds were more heard than seen, and the one pretty bluebird that I saw and was nearing to get a good photo, was abruptly scared off by someone's little crumbsnatcher who raced past noisily.  Still, it was a lovely day to be out in nature, so I was able to get a few decent landscape shots with the 14-42, and then took a few Macro images using the extension tubes coupled to the Helios 44-2.  

The Howard County Conservancy offers some refreshing natural vistas.

While the 200mm could not get any good bird shots, I did manage this with it! 

The Helios 44-2 does an exceptional job with insect macros.

Another insect macro with the Helios 44-2.

After getting a little thirsty and stopping past the Woodstock Road snowball stand with the amazing view, I continued up to Lisbon, which I already knew wasn't as interesting as Ellicott City, but has its small town charms nonetheless.

Spearmint snowball across from the conservancy.  Kit Lens.

Lisbon is about 5 blocks long by 3 blocks wide.  Kit Lens.

Classic Truck in Lisbon.  Konica 28mm.

On the way back, I saw a couple of vintage type shot opportunities, and decided to shoot both on the Helios 44-2 wide open.  In the right setting, this lens really can not be beat! 

Shot at f/2.  I love how the Helios renders green colors.

National Road Milestone marker dating from the 18th Century.  Some swirly bokeh behind.

Before stopping past home, I elected to stop past I pond I often pass in the car, but never have tried to get photos of.  Fortunately, my lack of bird luck was made up for by a Green Heron.

Konica 200mm shot at f/5.6

After lunch, I decided to try for a couple more shots before calling it quits, expecting an increase of cloud cover to descend.  The newly formed RTA acquired some ex-MTA buses, and in the interest of getting a photo of one, I decided to try for a photo of one. Despite a long wait, I got an image of one on Broken Land Parkway.  Returning home, I stopped to peek at the Howard County Farmers Market, both to shop and to hopefully get a few decent "street photography" photos.  Turnout was pretty modest and the setting was a parking lot, so it didn't give off the image I was hoping for.  

Ex-Baltimore MTA NABI bus running for RTA.  Konica 28mm.

A useful, but photographically bland Farmers Market.

All in all, it was great to get out and finally take some photos again.  I'm looking forward to another Friday photo ramble soon!