Fun with Film: Cross Processed Ektachrome Elite 100

What two things will make me cross process slide film?  Well...
  • Slide film that is expired and that I worry won't process accurately, and
  • A mixed set of C-41 compatible chemistry from which I've gotten my desired rolls of color negative film developed. 
In these instances, the cost of running a roll of slide film through and processing it in the existing chemistry is really only a matter of one's time, and doesn't involve a financial outlay, so it's like the frosting on the cake.  

I had a 10 year old roll of Ektachrome Elite 100 that I put through my Ricoh 520M and dunked in the Unicolor chemistry.  Though it took a bit of trial and error to scan the results to a nice result, I managed to get some very vivid end products from this experimentation, that you can view below:

The rendition from this shot is reasonably close to life, aside from some pastel hues in the cooler end of the spectrum.

The greens on this shot look fairly close to normal tones, but contrast is high to make this scene really pop. 

On the US Capitol grounds, there were numerous botanical subjects to snap with the Ricoh 520M.  Out of focus rendering is more or less equivalent to other rolls I've shot on this camera. 

Apparently, this is not a tower or turret but an old vent shaft from the days prior to air conditioning.  

With the sun beaming down more in front of me, the contrast on the foliage only increased on the cross processed film.

A result that certainly fits the look of cross processed images: jumped up contrast and a hyper color palette that is pleasing if a bit jarring.

Under the veil of shade however, the color saturation takes a nose dive.  Note the vividness of the green trees in the backdrop, and the near black rendering of the foliage in the foreground. 

Another scan shows hints of yellow tones creeping into the green parts of the scene.  White tones in clouds and water look extremely clean. 

In my last shot, the scene portrays almost a lithographed look of sorts.  

My little rambles with the 520M using this slide film that I tossed into C41 chemistry were surprisingly fun.  This certainly doesn't mean I'm ready to do a significant amount of cross-processing in the future, but it certainly does make me more open to the thought of getting out and shooting more of my expired slide film stock that I have on hand during periods around when I'm developing conventional color films myself. 

All told, I'd certainly shoot some more Ektachrome Elite 100 and cross process it if the conditions warranted, though I'm always a little wishful that I could have the confidence that this old film would render a nice result when simply developed as intended in E-6 chemistry.