Film Fun Folio #22 - Zeiss Ikonta 521 and Cross Processed Agfa CR 200

Periodically, I'll be posting scans of some complete rolls of film on here, showing both the good and the bad, and giving some basic information as well a little write up of the shoot as well as the reasons why I selected each camera and film.  Enjoy the trip! 

Feature #22:
Camera: ca. 1946 Zeiss Ikonta 521 with Novar f/3.5 lens.
Film: Agfa CR 200 (Cross Processed in C41)
Locale: Central Maryland.

Amid a very busy shooting session in the Fall of 2015 in Frederick County, Maryland, I ran through my rolls a bit more rapidly than originally anticipated.  I'd brought along a few spare rolls as insurance, and I hastily elected to use this roll of CR200 to get a few more exposures.  In hindsight, I'd have more likely elected to use one of the many rolls of Velvia 100F I had on hand rather than my only roll of CR200, but this allowed a good chance to get another look at this unique film.  The frugal part of me would have felt better eeking out 12 or 16 exposures from this roll rather than the 8 possible using a 6x9 camera, but this allowed me a fun chance to see the capabilities of this film in a range of daylight situations.

When it came time to process the film, I elected to cross-process it, mainly because I had read good things about cross processing this film compared to more disparaging things about developing it in E-6.  I guess it was time for me to see what the fuss was about.  

1 - Braddock Heights, MD - f/11, 1/250 - The first shot is sharp enough, but man is it golden in hue.  I don't hate it, but it didn't quite have the fun vibe from the offset that my first cross processed roll had going for it.

2 - Jefferson, MD - f/8, 1/100 - More hues other than yellow making their way into this one, so it works a bit nicer than the first.  The sunlit sections appear to carry a nice golden warmth on a fall afternoon.

3 - Braddock Heights, MD - f/5.6, 1/100 - Interestingly the yellow leaves render pretty true to tone while other shades have their casts re-worked.  It works well, though a bit laden in a cast overall. 

4 - Frederick, MD - f/5.6, 1/250 - I shot this focused on the branch in the foreground to try to soften the replica covered bridge in the distance.  The overall effect does not quite make the 3D separation that I had hoped, but overall, this image, lacking any sunlit spots, appears more balanced in color than the first shots. 

5 - Frederick, MD - f/7.1, 1/250 - Was trying to focus on the tree in foreground - messed it up.  Badly.  Results speak for themselves. 

6 - Braddock Heights, MD -  f/3.5, 1/50 - Accidental Quirky Self Portrait.  Damn, two shots ruined. 

7 - Braddock Heights, MD - f/3.5, 1/50 - Some blur but an overall good result amid a canopy of yellow foliage.  I wish it had come out a tad sharper, but I do like the composition.

8 - Braddock Heights, MD - f/3.5, 1/50 - Bing! I got what I had been trying to do with this one.  Leaves in the foreground focused, and an out of focus background, and even got some medium format bokeh in the backdrop as well!

Thoughts: Since I have no idea how this might have rendered if it had been developed in E-6, I can't say for certain if I made the right move in electing to cross process this roll in C-41 chemistry.  That said, I had hoped to see results more in line with the first roll I shot and cross processed on my Agfa Billy in the Spring of 2015.  Seems I would have done better to have used the film I used then rather than the CR-200.  Still, not a terrible roll.