Film Fun Folio #18 - Balda Pontina and Provia 100F

Periodically, I'll be posting scans of some complete rolls of film on here, showing both the good and the bad, and giving some basic information as well a little write up of the shoot as well as the reasons why I selected each camera and film.  Enjoy the trip! 

Feature #18:
Camera: ca. 1951 Unbadged Franka Solida with Schneider 75mm f/2.9 lens.
Film: Fuji Velvia 100F
Locale: Central Maryland.

There have been times when I thought that this camera and my Zeiss Ikonta 521 were the only 6x9 folders that I would ever need, but some light leaks in recent rolls cast some concerns about my beloved Balda Pontina's ability to be completely trusted to deliver a competent image free of defects.  The summer was spent with the Balda sitting with a roll of Provia loaded, but unused.  Finally, with Fall upon me, and some time to explore, the loaded Balda got the call for 8 more images to see what I could muster from it.  I did a nice range of images, including some landscapes in bright light and some time exposures taken in the wee hours of the morning.  

1 - Thurmont, MD - f/5.6, 1/50 - Nice pictoral representation of colors, but a light leak is again evident in this shot.

2 - Graceham, MD - f/5.6, 1/100 - Another shot marred by the light creep.  It doesn't help that the shot seems overexposed a bit, causing the sky color to flatten.  

3 - Lewistown, MD - f/8, 1/100 - Not as bad of a light leak, but still some issue with the exposure here, as the scene portrays washed out.

4 - Frederick, MD - f/8, 1/100 - Getting better at least, though the farm which was to be a more prolific part of the scene is sadly lost amid other bland details. 

5 - Frederick, MD - f/8, 12 Second Bulb - I've taken some bulb exposures on the Balda that have great portrayal of street lights, but this one doesn't quite do that, providing a scatter.  It doesn't help that there is a bit of unsteadiness in the tripod evident. 

6 - Buckeystown, MD - f/11, 6 Second Bulb - I should have set this for about 4 seconds instead.  The result isn't bad, but a rose hued color shift is evident. 

7 - Jefferson, MD - f/5.6, 1/50 - Decent, but there is not too much colorful to make this a valuable color image.

8 - Harmony, MD - f/14, 1/100 - FINALLY, this is why I love my Balda, namely when it can take a colorful scene and portray it with the beauty which I saw.  I like how the elements stack in this scene, from the golden tree at left to the weeping tree, to the barn, and then the distant horizon.  I need to do more such exposures.

Thoughts: Overall, not a terribly great roll from the Balda, but not a complete disaster.  I definitely see where I don't want to overexpose Velvia 100F, and it is evident that I need to better troubleshoot this light leak in the camera as well.