Kickstarter Project: The Galaxy Photographer Planner and Handbook

It was not even a year ago when I found myself in the predicament of having to improvise a way to jot down my exposure information while taking analogue photos.  My solution was the creation of cut-out "exposure notes" that I freely shared from a blog post in late January.

The need to do this stemmed from a lack of any tailored way among a readily available product to handily do this, neither in the print world or even by means of a mobile app. Generally, my improvised solution has worked fairly well, but has a few hiccups to accompany it.  I may not always have a printed "slip" available to tape to the camera back when loading a new roll of film, or I may not have a piece of tape at the ready to stick it to the back of the camera.  Similarly, some of my older cameras have rather delicate coverings, and the tape tends to pull a bit from this covering when it is later removed.  Also, the format I devised did not allow me to venture beyond simply using 120 format or a similar roll film format with limited exposures.

But alas, there may well be hope, with a product listed on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, that will remedy some of the issues I have encountered while using my sticky "notes" that I print myself.  It is called the Galaxy Photographer Planner and Handbook. Comprised of 256 printed pages, it serves as a photo diary and almanac of sorts, and is inspired by a number of photographic diaries dating back to over 100 years.  

In many ways, it was just the sort of tool I was hoping to be able to find online, a nicely structured, pre-printed manual that offers useful information and documentation tools to be able to record exposures, schedule one's photographic exploits, jot down photo locations to revisit, and even dabble in darkroom procedures.  Sized at just over 4x6", it slips handily along for travel and use.  

Funding of the project to a level that yields the coveted reward of a journal begins at a reasonable rate of $35.00 plus shipping.  I've readily decided to dig in and help this cause that is over 80% funded as of this posting.  

Feel free to visit the Kickstarter page for this project, show your support, and bring home a very novel item.  Note that I have no stake in this project, other than passing it along in hopes that it will come to fruition.