Kodachrome Classic Monday #48

Every Monday, I'll be spotlighting a different classic Kodachrome slide that I've picked up, and trying where I can to detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how (much) of the image:

This Week:

What: Neon at Night

Why: Well, it's neon that is all lit up... at night!  More than that however, is how this shot not only manages to capture all of these elements, but it does it so well.  The image seems to be perfectly exposed, mounted on a nice solid tripod, and captures a scene in a way that really makes on feel as if they are there.        

When: According to the mount, this was snapped sometime in or just prior to October of 1963.  

Where: Las Vegas, NV. Though the sale I bought this from labeled it as Las Vegas, I really pretty much knew it at first glance, even though I've only been there once.  That said, the area where this was taken has changed drastically in over 50 years.  After some decline due to competition from the Strip District, the old Fremont Street has been decked over as part of the "Fremont Street Experience."  Interestingly, this part of Las Vegas, once somewhat overlooked, actually provides the most walkable experience of any casino area in Sin City.      

Who: As a time exposure, anyone who may have been in this photo is simply a blur.       

How (much): Despite being such a good shot, I managed to score this for $4.99 on ebay!