Kodachrome Classic Monday #41

Every Monday, I'll be spotlighting a different classic Kodachrome slide that I've picked up, and trying where I can to detail the who, what, when, where, why, and how (much) of the image:

This Week:

What: Best Parade Photo Ever.

Why: Despite being shot a little bit against the light, this is one of those very rare parade shots that manages to do it all.  It spotlights the parade taking place, shows the era, and includes what then was a fairly ordinary backdrop that now looks much more interesting to a history minded viewer.  Moreso, it BALANCES all of these elements into a unified scene in which no element overly dominates.         

When: It was labeled "Memorial Day 1947." Prior to 1967, Memorial Day traditionally carried a firm date of May 30th, so this image with a known year can be presumed to have been taken on May 30, 1947.  

Where: Waterloo, IA. The slide was also labeled with the city.  Fortunately, Waterloo is a rather small town, and finding the location was not too tough, particularly since it was spotted on one of only a few bridges heading out from the historic center of town.  While the old Waterloo Savings Bank in the distance is visible from several of the bridges, the Solders Memorial Hall seen on the opposite bank of the river pinpoints this specifically to having been taken on the 5th Street bridge, just north of town.     

Who: Lots of people to be picked out from this scene, but no banners or signage to identify any groups in the parade.      

How (much): One of those $4.99 pick ups that you are glad to have won.