Wednesday Window to the World #21

This Week:

What: Lamplighter

Why: The holiday lights are now out, and I stumbled upon a great display of them in Downtown Baltimore that I began to capture.  As I shot some of the displays, I began to lament that I wasn't able to get an angle that allowed me to have some "bokeh" lights in the backdrop of the focused lights in the foreground, when it finally dawned on me that I had all the creative control in the world and could shoot my subjects out of focus if I pleased to make my own bokeh, and that is just what I did to get the above result .

When: December 7, 2014.

Where: Baltimore, MD, in Preston Gardens along Saint Paul Place. 

Who: Lamplighters were a regular fixture in Baltimore until about the 1940's, when the last gas lamps were converted to electricity. The stylized lamp depicted here actually does seem to be true in form to those used in the Monumental City.     

How: Taken at ISO 800, using the Olympus E-PM2, with the Olympus PEN-FT 38mm f/1.8 lens shot wide open at 1/100 of a second, with focusing deliberately short to create bokeh.  

Raw image was imported into Photoshop and given some tweaking in contrast and color levels, with highlights restrained to offer the best bokeh effect.  I then bumped clarity, vibrance, and saturation a little bit before exporting to a JPG.