Wednesday Window to the World #18

This Week:

What: Autumn's Last Gasp

Why: I have been getting a new appreciation for film shooting, but realize that not all my old manual focus lenses give off that film look.  One lens however, a 1968 era Olympus, does actually give off a nice soft and dreamy look shot wide open, and with just one rainy day before a bitter cold snap would enter the area, I wanted to get out and get a few shots with it on my lunch hour to try to garner a new appreciation for this classic that I didn't fully appreciate when I first got it.  It seemed fitting to shoot it wide open when I spotted this scene of one of the few outliers of the fall leaves hanging in to provide some much needed color on a dreary day.

When: November 17, 2014.

Where: Washington DC, on the 9th Street side of the National Portrait Gallery 

Who: Though I also took some shots with people, I definitely favored this lonely composition.  

How: Back to shooting on the Olympus E-PL2, focused using the art mode with an Olympus PEN-FT 38mm f/1.8 lens attached. Shot wide open at f/1.8 at 1/80 second, ISO 400.

Raw image was imported into Photoshop and given some tweaking in contrast and black levels to maximize any bokeh and give a nice jolt to the image.  I then bumped clarity, vibrance, and saturation a little bit before exporting to a JPG.